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Producers are inundated on a daily basis with information on a wide range of topics and often this information is contradictory. This, in turn, makes decision-making more difficult for producers since additional effort is required to separate good information from bad. To address this concern, the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association (SSCA) developed a new web-based e-publication called "Prairie Soils and Crops: Scientific Perspectives for Innovative Management".

The main objective of this new e-publication is to provide producers with high quality, unbiased information on soil and crop management. Prairie agricultural researchers and other experts are invited to write articles on various topics and provide an unbiased scientific opinion on a range of topics. The articles are referenced with the most pertinent scientific papers to allow the reader the opportunity to learn more about the topic. Each article is also refereed by scientific experts. We hope to reach out to the public at large and specifically to those interested in learning more about the issues facing Prairie agriculture. Ultimately, the intent is to make world-class agricultural research on the Canadian prairies more accessible to everyone.

As editors, we are always interested in your comments about articles published or comments on how we could improve our website. Ideas about future topics are also welcome.


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