Volume 5 - Letter From The Editors

We are pleased to present the Fifth Volume of the e-journal publication "Prairie Soils and Crops: Scientific Perspectives for Innovative Management". The theme of this issue is "Long-Term Crop Rotation Studies from the Canadian Prairies". This volume will find interest from the research community, scientists, undergraduate and graduate students, producers, agronomists, policy makers and the public at large. In Volume #5, we took the initiative of putting together a summary of findings from all current long-term studies in Western Canada. This required the participation and time of many scientists and their contribution is greatly appreciated. In addition, we were given permission by Public Works and Government Services Canada (Copyright and Licensing) to reproduce the 1928, 1944, 1969 and 1990 Crop Rotation Bulletins for this Volume as well as the 1994 bulletin by Dr. Con Campbell which consisted of a series of questions and answers to producers related to nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and potassium fertility for the Canadian prairies. Also the Canadian Journal of Plant Science gave permission to reproduce a review article by P. O. Ripley dating back to 1941 entitled "The influence of crops upon those which follow" published in Scientific Agriculture. This publication is the forerunner to the current scientific journals, Canadian Journal of Plant Science, Canadian Journal of Soil Science and Canadian Journal of Animal Science. The Department of Plant Science at the University of Manitoba also gave permission to reproduce the 1963 bulletin "Cropping systems - An evaluation review of the literature" by L.B. Siemens.

Finally, Dr. Con Campbell (Scientist Emeritus with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Swift Current Research Center), took the lead in collating a comprehensive bibliography of all scientific papers on crop rotation studies greater than 20 years in length. The bibliography is given in this Volume and organized by subject matter; each reference identifies the location and the study it is referring to. Dr. Noorallah Juma, retired professor of Soil Science from the University of Alberta, enhanced the bibliography further by developing a searchable reference database. The link to his searchable database is provided in the bibliography developed by Dr. Campbell: http://www.pedosphere.ca/CanEduRes/crop_rotations/bibliography.cfm

Our goal was to provide free, single-site internet access to a comprehensive listing and description of all long-term crop rotation studies on the Canadian Prairies. We have also provided associated bibliographies along with a summary of the major findings from these studies.

We hope that you will find this Volume on long-term cropping studies from the Canadian Prairies interesting and useful. We encourage you to email us your comments about the topics in this and previous Volumes. Your suggestions for future Volume themes are welcome.

Editors: Guy P. Lafond1 and K. Neil Harker2

1Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Indian Head Research Farm
Indian Head, SK

2Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Lacombe Research Center
Lacombe, AB
Email: neil.harker@agr.gc.ca